Saskia Wijngaard and Theresa Baird both believe that good things should be shared. If you are a Real Estate agent and any of the following benefits appeal to you. Call us at 905-271-5133 and ask for a application.

  1. It’s a feel good program, “Doing well by doing good”.
  2. Purchases don’t involve negotiations over rugs and curtains. It’s mediating towards a workable solution done around the kitchen table. Less Stress.
  3. Deal closes faster with less work.
  4. Less marketing costs and work– no more brochures, standardized fliers.
  5. No open houses – or putting out the signs, wasting weekends, inconveniencing homeowners .
  6. No sign costs.  hammering them in in the winter.
  7. When we train we share everything we’ve got …relevant experience, resources, or tools. We assume everyone in our program has the ability to be masters at their profession. Plus through our industry partners, we stay current. We practice what we preach before we teach so that we can continue to provide value and advice ongoing.
  8. This program is now 4 years old – tried, tested and true.
  9. The paperwork is fully developed. The solution is turn-key.
  10. A regular 9 to 5 more consistent lifestyle. Saturdays are now yours again.
  11. It’s a program.
  12. A network of non-competing agents with territories. Benefit from best practices of others.
  13. A Mobile listing service for investors.
  14. Combined marketing to get the word out.
  15. Authorized Agents.