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Are You Looking for a Unique Niche?

Welcome to the  Sell ‘n STAY™ Program where we offer an online training course for Realtors looking to work a new niche market to differentiate themselves from the other Realtors in their marketplace.

Sell ‘n STAY INC. offers an extensive training course on how to incorporate Residential Sale and Leaseback solutions into your business.  We will show you how to work this new niche and incorporate it into your toolbox of offerings for clients in your database.

See, when you engage in our training and events you’ll quickly identify strategies, systems and tools that you can implement into your existing business models and quickly double, triple or even quadruple your income.  You’ll expand your expertise and increase the value that you provide to your prospects, clients and sphere of influence

Who Are We?

  • We are a Network of Real Estate agents who love to think out of the box to solve real-life issues, ( Divorce, Seniors, Clients in debt and entrepreneurs )
  • We are experienced and demand more from our real estate career than putting up a sign and hoping our marketing brings a buyer.
  • We thrive on value-add propositions and leaving the world a better place.
  • We have a life and this program offers less stressful situation than typical real estate transactions.
 We have developed an online course based on what our previous students want to learn.  Want your needs and wants to be factored into the course?  Fill out this 10 question survey and we will ensure that the course addresses those needs as well. 

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Undoubtedly, most real estate agents struggle because they aren’t consistent with their Lead Generation.  Or they lack the ability to close prospects that aren’t ready to buy or sell with them today.  Or even worse, their sales presentation skills aren’t systemized and do not produce a consistent and predictable result so their conversion rates struggle.  The bottom line is that if you are not making enough money to stay in business then this niche and our systems may help put black back in your bottom line.  If you are making enough money but are working 60-80 hours a week because you may lack the systems and models to stabilize your production.

What if there was a way to get your weekends back and work in real estate 9 to 5 like the commercial real estate agents.  Providing creative solutions to 98% of the population instead of the 2% who want to move.

Research demonstrates that  50,000 agents are competing in a market comprised of only 2 % of the population who actually want to move.  Our course teaches you how to sell to the 98% of the people who don’t want to move!?!?

Is that even POSSIBLE?

Why this course?

Each and every one of us has many choices for education, as well as where and how we invest our resources and time.  Without question, Sell ‘n STAY™ is the right choice because we learn and share the models and systems of a unique niche not available anywhere else in North America.

Let’s face it.  Time is our greatest resource and we can only imagine that you’re concerned about investing your time into yet another training event or program.  When you MAKE THE DECISION to engage in one training events you have our commitment to deliver proven best practices that you can implement immediately and increase your productivity and profit.  It’s a decision that will pay huge dividends.

Top 10 Benefits from taking this course

  1.  It’s a brand-new niche, so there is less competition.
  2. It is a solution for 98% of the marketplace, so more opportunity.
  3. Designed to be a 9 to 5, so more time with the family.
  4. It’s a feel-good program, “Doing well by doing good”.
  5.  It’s mediating towards a Win-Win solution instead fight over rugs and curtains. So Less Stress.
  6. No Open houses, we don’t even use Real Estate Signs,  So the weekends are yours again.
  7. No more brochures or videos. So less marketing costs
  8. Paid commission happens in weeks not months.
  9. Opens the door for other real estate transactions.
  10. More creative – opportunity to do good.

**Note: As Top Producers we know the secrets and we are willing to share it all.   We’ve learned the methodology of the highest producers in the industry and it’s, as we see it, our purpose is to share this knowledge with every realtor willing to work it.