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We celebrate how Sell N Stay helps senior family members enjoy the value of their home while still living in it.  Yet imagine a buyer pays you $500,000 or $1,500,000 – whatever your home is worth.  Do you know how to invest that money to secure a Life-Income?   Most people don’t.  Many advisors also don’t specialize in strategic income planning. 

So now I can share with you the events and seminars I’m hosting with such leading financial advisors as Brian Weatherdon, who passionately and clearly focus day-after-day on turning your money into a perpetual and secure life-income.  Getting that wrong could mean losing an investment, outliving your money, failing to achieve personal goals!  With right planning, certified for life and beyond, you can live confidently, the way you choose.  Even perpetuate estate values for family, charity, the people and causes dearest to your heart!

How many years did you stick with the house, paying mortgage, maintenance, taxes and so forth.  Now with Sell N Stay …combined with certified financial income planning, we can together ensure your Money is going to stick by you.   This will become Sticky Money …to assure your Income for Life!

My friend and colleague Brian Weatherdon has 20 years of experience and shares vital strategies to Align Money with the Life You Choose.  Hosting a free educational website he introduces the 5 Life Income Mandates that will assure you have a continuing income in all the seasons or horizons to come.  Early retirement?  Middle or later years?  Even for your estate.

STICKY MONEY is a fun and visionary blog Brian shares:  see it here:   As a highly experienced advisor and educator, you can reach Brian directly by phone or in person.  I know you’ll enjoy his personal manner, and global principles to protect your income for life and forever!

If you missed it …here is the full piece on STICKY MONEY – Secret Sauce for Life Income … (LINK)

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Saskia Wijngaard

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