October 31, 2016


103 Lakeshore Road E.

Port Credit, Ontario

L5G 1E2


Saskia, Theresa and Lee-Ann


Thank you for providing a real estate solution that truly meets the needs of aging adults.

From the day we met and spent an hour discussing our needs, you took the time and effort to understand what we wanted to accomplish.  Moreover, you provided us with an honest assessment and plan for accomplishing our goal to sell our house to an investor and lease it back for a period of time which allows us to transition into a new lifestyle in an orderly fashion.

Throughout this process your entire team treated us with respect, provided regular updates, answered our seemingly endless questions, guarded our interests, and provided us with more than one offer which met our needs.

We have already recommended the Sell’nStay program to our friends, without hesitation.

Thank you again so very much for helping us get one step closer to where we want to go and be.

The program is great, and we endorse it whole heartedly and will tell everyone we know how it works and what a great understanding you have of our needs and great job you did in creating this success.


Yours sincerely,

Blair and Angelika