Note: Sell 'N STAY® is a registered trademarked program providing Residential sale and leaseback solutions. Saskia Wijngaard, a Sales Representative is a Realtor® at Keller Williams Realty Solutions, a brokerage located at 1270 Central Pkwy W, Mississauga, ON L5C 4P4, Canada. This website is not intended to solicit any properties currently under contract.

Our Sale And Rent Back Program Provides Peace of Mind.

For Homeowners Whether They Are 50 or 80.

Our Program Features

Doing it your way
Smart Money

 To Age in Place

Sell 'n STAY was created to help Seniors finance their retirement. We protect your privacy utilizing a safe and simple program.  Vetted Investors who want excellent tenants on a long term contract are the only people that will see your home. We don't use lawn signs or Open houses.

Smart Money

The equity in your house can be utilized in numerous was. For the terminal ill who are looking for Peace of Mind. For the Investor who is looking for funds. For Snow Bird who wants to fund their retirement home. For the 64 year old who wants to build the home that they will retire in.

Executor 911

For those special people that are the voice for the voiceless we have a multitude of services to help you through the probate process and take you from zero to a hero in the eyes of the estate.   We have Checklists, Calculators, a Connections Directory , flowcharts, and tips and tricks.

What We Promise And How We Deliver

We are registered, trained, insured, professionals who are in the business of helping you find the best solution that fits your individual needs.

From your perspective, your individual  situation may appear overwhelming. We offer peace of mind that will support you through this and will lift the burden to make a visible different To bring about tangiable relief.  So let's rip the bandage off and get busy by developing realistic choices for practical decision-making. It is amazing the difference that a well executed plan makes on a family.




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