Debt Relief

Whether you are a Senior or under 50 living in Ontario  there are times when Debt relief is a necessary

How is Sell ‘n STAY® different?

We don’t pile interest on top of interest. Or refinance all of your debt with a different company.

We don’t do reverse mortgages.

We think by utilizing a Sale and Rent back solution you are in a financially better position. Getting rid of all of the debt and renting.

All of a sudden the equity in the home is now in the bank collecting interest instead of you being charged higher interest because of a lack lustre credit score.

We will sell your home to a real estate investor that is interested in buying your home at fair market value and renting back at fair market value.

They win because they know you love where you live and will take care of it.  You win because your bills are paid, you have money in the bank and the money that you make from your house is invested in whatever is your core objective.