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Ontario Senior Strategy

Published on 12 Feb 2013

After extensive consultations with 5,000 Ontario seniors, 2,500 stakeholders and more than 1,000 caregivers, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has released its “Living Longer, Living Well” report which looks to redefine care for Ontario’s aging population. Expert lead and geriatrician Dr. Samir Sinha and Ontario Minister of Health Deb Matthews join Steve Paikin for an in-depth look at the strategy and which of its 169 recommendations the current provincial government will be acting upon.

Living Retirement to its Fullest


Published on 14 Feb 2013

People spend a lot of energy planning for their financial needs in retirement, but rarely do they consider what they will actually do once they leave their working lives. The Agenda asks:  What makes for a good retirement, and what do individuals and government need to do to prepare?


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