Sell ‘n STAY Training For Realtors® 

In 2013, when we created Sell ‘n STAY™ we never realized that it would morph into a complete training program. We thought it was going to be a one-off solution for one special client.  However, as we completed more and more transactions we realized that this was the perfect solution to most of the “house rich, cashflow poor” situations we were encountering.  In fact, that there were 7 other demographics that could benefit from a residential sale and leaseback solution.

In 2016, when we federally incorporated as a training company we developed the first training program which involved this original group of Realtors®  shown here.  Eight hours later we discovered that there was just too much for any one person could absorb in one day.

Therefore in 2018, we decided to create an online series of courses so that Realtors® could continually revert back to the training and absorb it better.

For more information on these courses CLICK HERE.

But that’s not all, we wanted to ensure that Realtors®  that took our course would be successful. So in combination with the downloads and checklists we created Apps, calculators and finally the Currency Network.