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Stay in Your Home and Access Your Equity
Sell ‘n STAY™ ensures we use our experience and training to keep you in your home to continue to enjoy everything you love about living there. Homeowners have spoken about not wanting to leave neighbours, the area, or the home or garden that they have put their love and sweat equity into.

Your nest egg has been growing… NOW it’s time to make it work for you!

Unlike a reverse mortgage, Sell ‘n STAY™ is easy to understand, less expensive and accesses 100% of your equity, not the 30%-50% other options can give you.

Freedom from Worry. A Better Lifestyle. Privacy Guaranteed
To Access Your Nest Egg……..
Step 1: Call Us And Make An Appointment
It’s easy… pick up the phone and call 905-271-5125. Make an appointment with us and we’ll visit your home, explain the program and answer questions that you or a family member might have. We will verify that your home qualifies as a Sell ‘n STAY™ home.

Step 2: Get Matched To An Investor
After your home qualifies, you’ll be individually matched with an investor, then a meet and greet will be arranged to see if this arrangement is a perfect fit for both parties. We’ll always be there is ensure stress-free meetings.

We have an extensive and exclusive database of investors of global partnerships and industry relationships

Step 3: Enjoy The Benefits
When everyone wants to go ahead, an agreement is created. It is a relatively quick process to receive your cheque and begin making plans for the life you want to live.

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